Guidelines for Our Class

Homework Folders and Homework:


·    Every day your child will bring home their homework folder. Please be sure to check their folder every night for any of the following: homework, notices and or/important  reminders.  

 ·         Every Monday your child will receive a weekly homework paper and spelling paper. It is important to keep your child’s   homework paper INSIDE your child’s homework folder. Please write your initials in the space provided next to each date. 

 ·         Homework is to be done every night and returned back to school the following day.

  •  Homework is checked on a daily basis. When I am checking homework I am looking to see that your child completed the assignment and tried their best.


  • If your child is absent, they must bring a written excuse with them upon their return to school. 
  • For the well-being of other students and myself,  PLEASE do not send your child to school if he/she is sick.

Spelling Tests

  • Spelling tests will be every Friday. As mentioned, your child will be given spelling words every Monday allowing enough time to study for Friday’s test. 

*Make studying for spelling words fun!

Here are some ideas: -create a song using each word    

                                    -create flash cards

                                   -write a poem using each word  

                                   - test a sibling or friend

                                    -illustrate each word

                                    -write a story using each word 


  • I will keep you informed of any upcoming exams.
  • All tests are to be signed and retuned to school the following day. Spelling tests should be kept at home. ALL OTHER TESTS are to be signed and returned.
Behavior Management
  • Our school rules will be introduced on the first day of school and reinforced on a daily basis. Please review the rules (found glued inside your child’s homework folder) with your child. I encourage you as a parent to reinforce proper behavior with your child each day before the school day begins.

Independent Reading

  • Every night, as part of homework students will be assigned to read independently. Students should be reading books on their level. Students will choose which books they want to bring home each night and must return them the following day to school.

          Helpful tips:

-As your child is independently reading, listen for mistakes. If your child cannot pronounce a word, help them sound it out.

-Ask your child questions related to the story as your child is reading. This will improve his/her comprehension skills.


  •   Please send snack to school everyday with your child. We will have snack each day in the classroom. Students should not bring soda or candy as a snack.

Birthday Parties

     ·         If you want to bring a snack into the class on your child’s birthday, please fell free to do. However, I do  request that  you give me at least a two-three day notice.

Parent-Student Communication

  • It is important that you talk to your child about what he/she did in school each day. This will help your child improve his/her language and communication skills.

Parent-Teacher Communication

  • I want you to know that one of my most important goals this year is to keep the lines of communication open with you. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to send a note  in your child’s homework folder. Also, feel free to e-mail me regarding your child's progress.