APEX Account & Submitting Work

1) Log on to the site: apexvs.com

2) Enter your username _____________ & temporary password ___________ (you will be prompted to change your password).

3) The course you are enrolled in is ___________________________; make sure that you complete work in the order that it is presented.

4) For all written work (journals & practices), please type each of them as a Google Doc and then email them to your teacher at: 

brianrosa@burbankusd.org (math)
daralee@burbankusd.org (history)
heathergood@burbankusd.org (English)
staceybowren@burbankusd.org (science)

*Info for supplemental teachers will be provided ASAP.


5) All written work should include a heading in the top left corner: 

First and last name
Course [English 10A]
Assignment [Journal 2.1.1]
Date [August 31, 2015]

                                                      (Include a title when necessary) 

**Include the course & assignment number in the email subject line.**

6) As long as you do not delete a file, Google Docs will automatically save your work.

7) Online courses are broken down into units. You will want to divide the assignments into 22 days in order to figure out the minimum amount of assignments to complete to stay on pace. All work can be completed at home except for the test at the end of each unit. We will need to schedule a day/time for you to take the test at ILA; a passing score will unlock the next unit.

8) If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your supervising teacher.