About AP World History and the Test

My hope is that this page will be beneficial in explaining why AP World History is important, and how to be successful in my class and on the test in May.

AP World History is important to your student because my class is the first time they have the opportunity to receive college credit for a high school course.  They will also continue to develop their critical thinking skills along with their reading ability.  We do use a college textbook and primary source documents.  

This is not an easy class; your student will have homework every night, this class will frustrate your student for one very simple reason they will not make an "A" every six weeks without a lot of hard work.  Here is a list that will help you help them be successful in my class.

  • If your student does not read and study for at least an hour every night for this class they will fall behind.  
  • Study for each quiz and test on a continual basis, if you only study the night before you will not pass the test.  Also you do not get the first 10 minutes of class to study.
  • Purchase an AP study guide in January and establish a plan to get ready for the test.
  • Attend tutoring to improve your writing and your test taking skills.
  • Read, Read and Read somemore especially books for pleasure: this improves your vocabulary and your writing because you absorb what good writers do.
  • Most importantly do not be afraid to ask questions.