Grading Policy

We follow the 60-20-20 grading policy. 60% is all about tests and quizzes. 20% goes to Homework, classwork, etc. 20% goes to Participation. Participation includes: asking questions, raising your hand to answer questions, helping our classroom and most of all, doing the work! It is very important that students at least complete the assignment. In all 4 subjects, we grade based on completion, not accuracy, since we go over the homework the next day. For maintaining a high grade in this class, please study! I go over lots of ways to study, including Quizlet. Please, if you need other methods or a better study helper, please don't be afraid to stop in and see me!

Extra Credit is offered many times throughout the year!

If you are one who stresses about pop quizzes, you don't have to. I don't give pop quizzes randomly, but if I hint "this may be on a pop quiz", please take that into consideration, as it should most likely be later that week.

I always will give at a minimum, a 2-3 day warning before a quiz, and 4-5 days for major tests, so students will know. I also post on Google Classroom

If you want to discuss grades, please feel free to connect with me.