Policies and Procedures

Miss Ham and Room 423’s Policies and Procedures

BIO: Hi, I’m Miss Ham. I am so excited to teach your child this year! I have a dog named Marley and I also like to teach.

Everyday Expectations: I Expect you to Have your supplies, Be on time and to be ready to learn!

Supplies: It is important that you have these supplies so you can Have a great school year:

4 notebooks, 4 Folders, A nice, sturdy folder for daily stuff, Pencils(mechanicals are ok), Erasers, Pencil pouch, Highlighters, Note cards, Flash drive, Earbuds that need to stay at school,  A lanyard for your ID and retractable Fine Point black Sharpies and an iPad mini.

An iPad?: We use iPads a lot in every subject except Math which we still use it but not as often. I Know that They can be expensive but check eBay and Amazon for good deals. Please Have this within the first week. If you want to get it ready before the first day, Please make a school folder(Hold down an app till it jiggles and put it over another app and name the folder school.Then get the Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Classroom, Quizlet, ClassDojo and Powerschool Apps. Don’t Understand? - Connect with me.)

Food and Water: We will have a Morning and afternoon snack every day. I expect it to be no junky stuff or it has to have some sort of protein in it of at least 5 grams. Students should also bring a water bottle with water - no sugary drinks. I will allow for warm tea that can help for upset stomachs and headaches but the tea should have little to no caffeine. Please remember to take home your water or tea container to be cleaned every night.

Homework: your child will come home with a Homework Packet every week which will have 8 pages to it (3 Math, 2 ELA, 1 Science, 1 Social Studies, 1 Vocab.) Please have these done so they can be turned in at Advisory on Friday. On winter break I assign extra credit with (1 math, 1 Ela, 1 Science, 1 Social Studies.) This is extra credit and due when back from winter break and On spring break I assign none.

Schedule: School starts at 8:40 and ends at 2:15. Please call the office if your child won’t be at school that day: 763-9024

Math: 8:40 - 9:40

Ela: 9:45 - 10:40

Advisory: 10:40 - 11:25

Lunch:  11:25 - 11:55

Science: 12:00-1:00

Social Studies: 1:05-2:10

Wrap Up: 2:10-2:15


Phones: phones should be in your locker, Silenced and Turned off.


Bags: I will allow for bags in my classroom during social studies and wrap up, otherwise all bags/ backpacks must stay in your locker.


I recommend that you have a sweatshirt/sweater for the classroom (that can always stay in your bag and you bring every day or keep in your locker - I recommend you get one specifically for your locker) - it can get really chilly in our room.


How to “connect” with me: I have a couple of ways to keep in touch with me: Connect on ClassDojo, And letters/notes (like homework/excuse notes that need a parent signature) can be sent through by dropping them off in the office (they'll be put in my mailbox-which I check at least 2 times a day.)


Reminder to students: even though the school opens at 8, I will open my door around 8:15-8:20ish.


Are you not sure on something? Just please reach out and chat with me!


I hope you guys are looking forward to a fantastic school year!


Miss Ham :)