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New websites are periodically added as our learning topics and concepts in class grows with each new unit or chapter. 




GO Math and Science Fusion Student Edition eBook Access                                                                                 
Click the link to go to Go Math and Science Fusion website                                                                                                                                                         


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Click the link for the IXL website

  • Login using the username and password  (please contact me for login information if not able to be located)
  • Go to the "Math" tab at the top, then select your grade and choose what concept you want to practice.

Interactive Math Games / Practice 


Free Math Games [addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division practice]

Fun On-Line Math Games

Math Playground 

Estimating  [addition and subtraction to the nearest ten and hundred]

Math Multiplication Magician

Multiplication Trainer

Polygon Shapes

Fraction Fling   [matching fractions to a model]

Fraction Tiles

Polygon Identification Game

Area Shape Game

Geoboard for Learning Area and Perimeter


Interactive Clock ( Analog)


Science Websites 

Explore Wonders: Wonderopolis

Science Show/Kids

Nasa for Kids


Typing Practice Websites


Dance Mat Typing

abcya Cup Stacking Game


Grade 3 Website

ABCya Grade 3 Skills/ Games