Ms. Hoch's Algebra 2

  • Daily Assignments are shown on the calendar below. Homework assignments are posted on their due dates. Notes are posted on the day that the lesson will be presented in class.
  • When absent, students are responsible for completing assignments at home and on pace. Assignments and instruction can be found at In the rare occasion that an assignment is not available at the link provided, students are expected to make arrangements with me as soon as possible.

Course Outline & Major Topics


Unit 1:  Algebra Review

Unit 2:  Function Basics

Unit 3:  Linear Functions

Unit 4:  Exponential & Logarithmic Functions

Unit 5:  Sequences and Series

Unit 6:  Quadratic Functions

Unit 7:  Function Transformations


Unit 8:  Radicals and the Quadratic Formula

Unit 9:  Complex Numbers

Unit 10:  Polynomial & Rational Functions

Unit 11:  Circular Functions

Unit 12:  Probability

Unit 13: Statistics