Welcome Note


Dear Parents,

The first few weeks of school may be difficult for your child. They are coming into a new classroom and going to be spending a lot of time with new people. During these first few weeks remember to smile when dropping off your child, let them know that they are entering a safe environment that you approve of, and if they start to cry and hold on let the teachers do their jobs. As caregivers it is more difficult to help a child feel comfortable in a new setting if the parent stays in the classroom.

Keep in mind that children feed off the energy of their parents, if you are sad, your child will be sad, if you are scared, your child will be scared, and if you are angry, your child will be angry. Please come into the school happy and on time.

It is important that your child arrives to school each day on time. We understand that things happen, however when your day is running late so is your child’s. This can throw off a routine that has been learned and make your child uncomfortable or upset for the rest of the day.

Another important part of the day for your child is being prepared. Make sure that your child has a clean change of clothing each week. This includes a shirt, shorts or pants, underwear and socks. Also your child will need a fitted sheet of 50 inches and a blanket for nap time. Homework will also be a requirement of our classroom. Specific dates will be determined by your teachers on the second week of school.

ALL toys from home must be left at home. When a child brings in a toy to school it can cause problems with other children and it is unfair for the teacher to have to remove the toy from the child when we are trying to create positive relationships. Children are our future, so let’s create a wonderful start for them together!

I look forward to getting to know all of you and your families,

Ms. Jamie