Book Reports 2010-2011

MonthGenre & DescriptionMissionDue Date
Sept.Student ChoiceBook Sell:  Persuade others to read your book in any way you wish (poster, speech, etc.).  Be sure to include your book title & author, genre, all major character(s), the problem(s), how you feel about this book, something interesting about the story (but don't give the ending away!); and your invitation to your audience to READ THIS BOOK!Tuesday, 9/28
Oct.Adventure (fiction or non-fiction) - exciting imaginary or real journeys to interesting places; real life heroes; usually present obstaclesRoad Map:  Create a timeline in the shape of a road map.  The road map should include the details of the important events the main character(s) experiences from the beginning to the end of the book.  Tuesday, 10/26
Nov.Science Fiction - Possible future events; travel to other galaxies; stories about possible future inventionsNewspaper:  Create your own newspaper complete with the title/name of newspaper, articles:  a summary of your book, a brief article about the main character, a brief article about the villain, and your own ending.  Don't be afraid of being quite creative!Tuesday, 11/30
Dec.Realistic Fiction - stories that could happen; imaginary families; stories that help us learn about ourselvesBillboard:  Create a billboard that summarizes the major story elements (setting, plot, conflict, character, plot, point of view, and theme in your book.  Also show the "real" event the story mirrors.  Tuesday, 12/21
Jan.Newbery Award - stories that have received the Newbery Medal & HonorMini Book:  Create a mini book that inlcudes a cover, a brief summary of the main character, the problem and solution, the most important event (in your opinion) and  your favorite scene; you as a new character; and why this book is a winner.Tuesday, 1/25
Feb.Mystery - a crime; a question to be answered; an investigation; suspense & climaxReport Card:  Create your own report card format and grade the characteristics of a mystery story.  Be sure to include the effectiveness of the slueth (the person who solved teh mystery), the crime/mystery, how the crime was discovered, the clues/evidence, the witnesses, a chase, how the crime/mystery was solved and comments about whether or not you enjoyed the book (and why).Tuesday, 2/22
MarchAutobiography or Biography - true stories about real people; factual information about famous people; learning about others' livesRole Play:  Become the character of your book.  Feel free to dress up as your character if you wish).  Tell us about yourself, your childhood, some major events that helped shape you into who you became and your major accomplishments (what made you famous?).Tuesday, 3/22
AprilPoetry - imaginative awareness of experience expressed through meaning, sound, and rhythmic language choices so as to evoke an emotional response.Brochure:  Choose your favorite author of poetry.  Create a brochure that features information about the author, why you chose this author, list at least three (3) poems from this author, why you chose them and what you think they are telling us.Tuesday, 4/26
MayNature - about the environment; taking care of the Earth; plant books; wildlife booksTri-Board:  Create a Tri-Baord that depicts important key information about your topic. (If your book is on an animal or plant, be sure to include physical characteristics, habitat, life cycle, defense, food & how it gets it or makes it).  Also include facts you learned.Tuesday, 5/24
*Along with each assignment, please include a brief written summary of your book.