Star of the Week

Star of the Week   This is a wonderful opportunity for all children to experience appreciation and develop an incredible sense of self esteem.  Each week a child will be chosen for this important job.  Every day this child may be asked to complete special jobs for me as well as visit other classrooms to read their favorite story to a few friends.  Our classmates will gain insight on what makes this child special.  During the week, our community will write the start of the week a letter.  They will describe the qualities this child has that makes them a good friend. As parents, you have a very important part in this too!  You are asked to write your child a letter as well.  Tell your child what makes them special, recall moments in their lives that make you smile, or what you hope for them in the future.  The purpose of this week is to cherish this child and make them feel on top of the world.  All families of the star of the week are welcome to come in during the week to have lunch or read their letters to the class. Finally, I will write the star of the week a letter telling them how wonderful they are and point out the many talents and strengths they have.  As the week ends, any child may share their letters by reading them aloud to the class.  Then, I will combine all the letters together and make a book for each child.  This book will go home to share with all families and be a treasure forever. I sincerely hope you will take the time to make this experience wonderful for your child.  Thank you!