Our classroom is a community.  Everyone has a job to do in the community.  Each student is expected to do their work to the best of their ability, and to ask questions should they need help.  Each student will have a job that rotates, I pick this job the first time, after that they will rotate each week.  Not every job is a fun job, but, at some point during the year you will have the job you like the best.


    The rules are very simple and based on rules students in past years have felt were needed in a classroom.


1.     Come to school ready to learn. (supplies, smile, lunch money/sack lunch)

2.    Keep your hands, feet, and other body parts to yourself. (that includes supplies, things in  lockers, or desks) If something is on the floor and does not belong to you, pick it up and put it in the lost and found. 

3.    Do your work in a timely manner.  (if you are working and need more time ask for it, if you are playing you do not need extra time)

4.    Respect yourself, your family, your teachers, your friends, and your school. 


    I do not do the card pulling thing.  What I have found in past experiences is most children need a gentle reminder every now and then to do what they are expected to do.  When children who need firmer reminders to do what is expected and see the change of cards it sometime causes a break down in behavior that is too much for them to handle; in other words they will be in trouble when they get home so it does not matter and things get worse.  I don't want that to happen, what is extreme behavior for one child is different for another child.

When children have trouble with one another, I try to let then talk it out first. I encourage them to use their words to come to some agreement.  If they can't fix the problem, I will then mediate.  If the student decides to not do anything, then I will call the parties together myself to talk. If it is bad enough to come to me about, then it needs to be settled.

    I will deal with behavior issues first, if my actions in the classroom do not work, then I will email you or I will give you a call.  I prefer email, that way your child can also tell you what they are doing.  I want children to be responsible for their actions.

Parents, listen to your children, but also keep in mind that they don't want to be in trouble.  Before you get too upset talk to the other parent or me.  Please don't make a judgment based on one side of a situation... there are three sides to everything.  Each party has their version and then something in the middle.                                                                   


Class work/Homework:

Class work should be done in a timely manner.  Name, number, and date should be on the first line, name on the left and date on the right.

Spelling homework is for you to do.  It should be done in their spiral notebook on the first clean page and dated. I check it, but only give stickers. 

Projects are homework that is given a test grade.  All parts of the assignment should be included. I will include a grading rubric in the project sheet.  Parents, please do not do the project for your child.  I am more interested in the process the student goes through to complete the product.

Respect the work of other students.

I expect:

  1. Students to be on time to class.
  2. Students to complete work in a timely fashion without interrupting other students.
  3. Students should not bring toys to school unless requested to by a teacher.
  4. Students should treat everyone as they want to be treated.
  5. Students should always try their hardest.



7:45 School begins

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