Expectations of All Students



Each student has a right to a meaningful, powerful, and passionate education in a safe environment. This is the job of the teacher, the student, and the family. 

Each student is expected to be in class every day.

Each student is expected to be on time to school every day, rested, and ready to learn.

When work is difficult, each student is expected to tell the teacher (or other adult) they need help. Help will be provided, but answers will not be handed to the student. This would take the meaning out of their learning.

When social issues are getting in the way of learning, students are expected to discuss this with a teacher or other adult. This will allow learning to continue with minimal interruption. It also provides a safe environment.

Each student is expected to do the best work they are capable of. 

Each student is expected to participate in class discussions and activities. This makes the learning powerful.

Each student is expected to choose topics they are interested in to study and relate to the middle school content. This makes the learning powerful