Ms Kims Early Learning Care


Hello and welcome to my page, My name is Kimberly Downey but I am known by my children I care for by Ms. Kim well even the parents know me by this name.  This website is to give you a look at the person I am and who I am as a professional.  

What DO You Offer?

I offer parents child care services they would get in child care centers in the comfort of their home.  I have worked in the field and I know the chaos sometimes parents feel overwhelmed already making that commute back and forth to work, then to get their children from a child care center that can be well out of the way from where they live.  What if you have to work a bit over and having to pay that extra cost of the child care staying open later then they are also known as a late fee?  Some children feel comfortable at home and would rather stay home.  I can offer outings or walk around the neighborhood playground to give your child(ren) the experience to play with other children.  I can also help prepare them for entering Pre-K by doing a schedule close to what they will be doing for Pre-K.

What Ages Do You Provide for?

I provide care for children from 4 weeks to 3 years old.  Can I provide care for older children? Yes! but what can I offer them if they are already in school learning? For older children there would be activities to keep their minds thinking, but also understand after a day of school they want to be able to play and unwind.


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 I heart to teach young minds