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Each student will work with a partner to read and discuss questions.   All written answers must be complete sentences.  All work will be turned in daily. 

The first five minutes of the day, students will work on bellwork.  Then a student will pass out notebooks and teacher will go over daily assignments.

Students will work on assignements.  Each section will include two graphic organizers and reading check questions and a higher order thinking question along with map or graph questions included in the section. 

During the last fifteen minutes of the day, ten minutes will be used for the group to discuss and write about the Essential Question. 

The last five minutes work will be turned in, the books, pencils or pens and notebooks will be put away.



All assignments will be listed on your sheet.

You can find all handouts in your class on supply table.


Make-up work

In each subject folder there is a table of contents page with all available assignments for missed days.

We will follow the OCPS policy for absent work. The policy states the following:

After an absence, a student must arrange with the teacher for any make up work. Students have the same number of days they were absent to make up their work except in the instance of some long-term secondary school assignments.


Grades will posted on a weekly basis by student number


We will follow Orange County School’s grading scale:

90-100 = A 80-89 = B 70-79 = C 60-69 = D 59 or less = F

Classroom Rules
1. Respect people, opinions and property. (This means talking out in class, passing notes, being disrespect to others, and any other behaviors that may prevent someone from paying full attention to the class.)
2. Be prepared for class everyday. (Being ready to work includes having materials out on the desk.)
3. Speak appropriately.
4. Be task oriented.

You must have your point card in order to leave the classroom.

Student Leaders

Each class will have a student leader assigned for the week.  This student will be able to help you review missed lectures from the teacher.