Thursday March 26, 2020


Good afternoon everyone. The Ministry of Education, followed up by the school board is continuing to recommend the following:


  1. Going onto the governments Learn at Home programming on the Ministry Website to look for helpful tips while waiting for the next phase of their plan.
  2. Continue reviewing your course content that has already been delivered in class prior to the March break, complete anything outstanding and working (which could include your ISU components).


As the next phase is rolled out your teachers will have direction of how to help you in that phase.


Stay patient. Stay kind. Stay Healthy.


Ms. Klein





Wednesday March 25th, 2020


Good morning Grade 11’s. I've gotten permission to attached this link to one of my students last semester’s final Physics Minute Video. Kelvin’s video was a 4+. Enjoy!




Enjoy your day,

Ms. Klein




Monday March 23rd, 2020


Good morning Grade 11’s. I’ve posted the Independent Study Project choices for our class, that were to have been handed out prior to the break. Take a look at the ISP Outline of the 3 Options before opening the larger file for the option you believe you want to do (they can be a little overwhelming). I believe all of these options are still viable. Let me know via email which of the 3 options you would like to do and the topic/machine/activity you would like to secure. Let me know if you have questions as well. If you are wanting to do the physics minute I will see how I can send out a couple past ones that were well done so you can see what a Level 4 looks like. 


Independent Study Project Outline


Option A: Building a Device

Option B: Analyze and Activity

Option C: Physics Minute Video



Take care and wash your hands:-)

Ms. Klein



UNIT 2: Dynamics (Forces)


Pearson Chapter 4

Pearson Chapter 5



Gizmo Online Lab Website

Students must enroll in my class with the following class code done by period. Please besure to use your name in your username so I know who is who. It is a must now that everyone has their own username. If you have forgotten your user name or password email me (eklein@scdsb.on.ca) and I can send it to you.