Spring Break News

Here is what Biology students should be doing over break

1) Completing the Homework Packet - 4 pages long; work can be spread out over several days; DUE MONDAY!

page 1  Does it run in the family?  Gather genetic trait information from family members

page 2  Genetics Vocab Crossword Puzzle  Complete a crossword puzzle using current terms

page 3  Understanding Genetics with Visual Aids   Analyze and answer 5 questions each about a sample Punnet Sqare and a Pedigree

page 4  Book Assignment   Read section 10.1 and 12.1 and p. 338.  Complete the graphic organizer OR take formal notes and summarize at least three diagrams

2) Learning vocab, with particular emphasis on Section 10.1 of the textbook.

3) Studying Mitosis, Meiosis and Cell cycle (if student plans to retake the test after break)

4) Keeping track of study time (if student has a study-related goal for CM5)

NOTE FOR SOME STUDENTS:  Packets are due for ALL students.  Any student who did not pick up a packet in school will have to make up work in a mandatory scheduled makeup session or complete equivalent work and turn in Monday For alternate work:  Some of the packet material (p. 1 and p. 4b) can be completed without the packet.  A student-made crosword puzzle will be accepted as an alternate to p.2; at least 15 vocab terms must be used in student-made puzzles.  For an alternate to p. 3, students can write a 1-page summary of pedigrees and a 1-page summary of Punnet squares; summaries must include at least two examples of each type of diagram.


P.S. For extra enrichment, look up the "blue people of Kentucky."  It's a true story!

 Have a great break!  laugh