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Balancing Equations Help (3/23/17)

Here are some selected video resources to help assist you with mastery of the skill of balancing equations.  Your next skill check is AT THE BOARD!  You will need to balance an equation from start to finish and EXPLAIN AS YOU GO!  So PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!!!  And pay attention to Ms. LaSovage's hints and pointers! 

A description is included for most of the videos to help you pick one that best meets your current needs.


VIDEO 1:  Introduction to Balancing Chemical Equations

Tyler DeWitt  12:22 min

This is a good choice for any student who does not yet understand why we need to balance, or why we are allowed to change the coefficients but not the subscripts.  In this video, Tyler uses circle models (like we have) in this video.


VIDEO 2: Balancing Chemical Equations Practice Problems

Tyler DeWitt   14:55 min

This is a decent video with reasonable explanations and examples.  Tyler has a few shortcuts but overall explains things well.  If you watch this video you may earn extra points by answering the questions below.

Questions for Video 2

  1. What are two things Tyler considers when he decides what atom to start working with (after he has done the initial atom count)?
  2. When Tyler has an element that is in two compounds, he writes his “2+1” (or whatever) on a little card, and then he moves the card away.  In this situation, what would Ms. LaSovage would recommend doing?
  3. Tyler often adds more than one coefficient before he recounts his atoms.  In Ms. LaSovage’s class, this would be a shortcut and considered illegal.  What should you do when balancing for Ms. LaSovage?  “You may only change one _______________ at a time.  You must ____________ the entire side before changing another _________.  (When you graduate, you can do it however you want!)
  4. Never, ever, ever, ever, ever change a __________________________.
  5. Make a list of all the chemical reactions Tyler uses on this practice video.


VIDEO 3: A Beginner's Guide to Balancing Equations

Bozeman Science  11:08 min

Walks through several equations usual visual method (circle diagrams from class) in the beginning.  Does not show all atom counts for the example problems (less visual).


VIDEO 4: How to Balance Chemical Equations (Simple Method for Beginners)

Mike Corsetti   9:37 min

Uses visuals more than numbers.


VIDEO 5: Balancing Chemical Equations - Chemistry Tutorial

TheChemistrySolution      8:59 min

Accurate video, much less visual than other videos. 


VIDEO 6: How to Balance a Chemical Equation EASY

The Science Classroom  8:53 min

Has a recommendation of which atoms to start with/the sequence of what to fix first (metal/nonmetal/eg).


VIDEO 7: Balancing Chemical Equations for beginners

Smart Learning for All   6:21 min

I think this cartoon video is a little weird (creepy maybe?) but maybe someone else would like it.  If you watch it all the way through, let me know what you think of this one. 


Get 2 Months for $5!