Chemistry Intro Page!

Welcome to Chemistry!

While in biology, the emphasis was on living things, in this course, you will study matter and its interactions.  You will find out about atoms and their structure, how elements are similar and how they are different, and how we organize our understanding into usable patterns and in turn use the patterns to predict new things.  Everything from why table salt is a soluble solid, why ice floats, and what chemicals make the best fireworks are all fair game in this class.

Many students find chemistry a very different course from previous science classes, but by learning 3 or 4 core ideas, it should be easy to see how everything in chemistry relates to everything else.  And in reality, the more you learn about all the sciences, the more connections you can see among them.  There is some math in this course, but with a little attention, even an avowed mathophobe can be successful. smiley I'm looking forward to a great year, and I can't wait to meet you all (or see you again) and begin our shared journey.

- Ms. LaSovage

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