CURRENT UNIT: Homework 4/17/2015


Answer at least 4 of these questions in your notebook.  All questions refer to the model your team made in class today.

Fossil Activity Thought Questions – Listen for directions in class.

  • Do you see divergence in your pattern?
  • Does the oldest fossil look like the same species as the youngest fossil?  Explain.
  • Are there places where a species changed but there was no divergence?
  • Overall, would you say this shows "the sum of a lot of little changes over a long time" or "a big change in a short time"?
  • How does this support evolution?



Phylogeny – Maps of Evolutionary Relationships and Divergence

Answer on separate paper to turn in to the In Box.

Part 1:

1. Research the “evolutionary family tree” (phylogeny/cladogram/Y diagram) of EITHER the modern-day elephant/mastodon OR tiger/saber-toothed tiger (*other species must be approved by Ms. LaSovage).

2. Find a good diagram or illustration showing the evolutionary relationships.  (We saw  examples of several in class. Your diagram must be similar/along the lines of the ones we have used in class.)

3. Write down the source(s) you used.


Part 2:

4. Write at least 5 GOOD questions that are relevant to the diagram AND to the current topic.

5. ANSWER your 5 good questions with CORRECT answers.


For Extra Bonus:

  • Email me the link to your image.
  • Submit more than one image showing representations of the same information.


This is due Monday.  It should be typed if at all possible.  Both parts must be completed.  References must be cited.  Low quality questions or questions with missing or incorrect answers are not guaranteed credit.  This is extra credit for QUALITY work and though.  


REMINDER!  Fossil Evidence Quiz will be on Tuesday!  Study from notes, activities and use "I Can" sheet as a topic guide.