Green Team 2012-2013!

What you missed at the meetings!

September 28 - Intro to Green Team -- Green Team purpose, membership requirements and benefits, Charger Garden tour, watermelon, cucumbers and homemade salsa from the garden!

October 4 - Trash! -- What's in our garbage?  Trash activities, facts and how to recycle.  Assignment of recycling rounds

October 11 - Outside day -- Put the garden to bed! (And the tomatoes in the greenhouse!)  And eat green tomato cake!

October 18 - Outside!  Plant milkweed and irises in the greenhouse corner

October 25  -  No meeting due to Parent Teacher Conferences

November 1 - Does Waste = Food?  It does in nature.  We learned how, and made our own compost tubes to watch throughout the winter!

November 8 - Does Waste = Food? - Part 2!  Smell your compost to check for balance!  We did!  We also dreamed big and learned how real companies are making changes that make environmental and economic sense.  Other announcements:  Free white pine saplings available; poster contest for compost (see below), and the link to today's video

November 15What's a team?  Are we a team?  Team building discussion and activities!!  P.S. Poster competition deadline is Nov 30.  P.P.S. - we also added worms to our compost bins!

November 22 -  Happy Thanksgiving!!!!  (No meeting, obviously!  See you next week!)

November 29 - This is a duck. A what? A duck... (Well, you had to be there; it was a pretty good ice breaker.)  After we renewed our relationships, we discussed how this TEAM can help get Michigan Green School status again this year.  We evaluated what we already do and made plans and goals for some additional items. 

December 6  Where does our electricity come from?  Why does it matter?  We made wind turbines to take home and played with magnets and wires to make electric currents - it was electrifying fun!  We also learned about the pros and cons of several energy sources.

December 13  What does it mean to be efficient?  How does that affect our energy use and our carbon footprint?  We will conduct an experiment ("Heat Bulbs or Light Bulbs?") to find out some of these answers.  Also: TEAM PICTURE DAY

December 20  Make and Take !  We have learned about efficiency and why energy conservation is important.  This week we will make-and-take energy reminder stickers to put in our homes and classrooms to keep the bills - and the footprint - low!  Check out this site for calculating your at home "vampires": and find out how to borrow a Kill-a-watt meter.  Go to the DTE website with your parents to see how conservation can make you money and save you money!  Cool videos at this part of their site:   Any little bit helps!

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Have a safe winter break!  See you on January 10!

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UPCOMING EVENTS - (subject to change)

Baby tree (sapling) planting (November), Paper Making (Feburary), Guest speaker with live animals (?), Field trips, Recycling Rounds, Alternative energies, Heat or Light bulbs?  Solar issues, much more...


Do your recycling rounds regularly!  Sign in, sign out and check off your completed halls on the sheet posted by the sign in/out sheet.  TAKE EVERYTHING OUTSIDE EXCEPT $.10 RETURNABLES!!  (Carts should be empty when you bring them back!)

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Poster Competition:

See you next week!!