Mitosis, Cell Cycle, and Meiosis

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  1. Why is there a limit to cell size?
    1. Recall: Agar Diffusion Lab
    2. Recall: Dinosaur/Mouse Journal
  2. Cell cycle
    1. What is it
    2. What makes it vary
      1. Age
      2. Type of cell
      3. Etc.
    3. Common Phases
      1. G1 – what happens?
      2. S– what happens?
      3. G2– what happens?
      4. M– what happens?
    4. Special phases
      1. G0
    5. When it goes wrong
      1. Cancer
      2. Causes of cancer
  1. Mitosis
    1. Related terms (chromatin, chromosome, chromatid, centriole, centromere, nuclear membrane, spindle/spindle fiber, cell plate)
    2. Produces what type of cells
    3. Produces how many cells
    4. Phases
      1. Prophase
      2. Metaphase
      3. Anaphase
      4. Telophase
    5. What happens in each phase
  1. Meiosis
    1. Related terms (haploid, diploid, n, 2n, gamete, somatic cell, tetrad, crossing over, sister chromatid, homologous chromosomes)
    2. Produces what type of cells
    3. Produces how many cells
    4. Phases
    5. What happens in each phase/key vents
    6. Compare to mitosis
    7. Why is it important to have haploid cells
    8. Special things that occur
    9. Identify cell diagrams as haploid (n), diploid (2n)
    10. Identify cell diagrams in what stage of mitosis or meiosis


  • DNA/chromatin/etc review
  • All other terms that we have used lately
  • Be able to recognize pictures/models

Related topics:

  1. Mistakes in meiosis
    1. Nondisjunction
    2. When it happens
    3. Karyotypes
    4. Diseases or consequences
      1. Trisomy
      2. Monosomy
      3. Triploidy
      4. Tetraploidy

AnchorUseful links for Mitosis studying and preparing:

Online textbook:  Chapter 5 and Chapter 6


'Google image' search of "Mitosis"

Cell Cycle and Mitosis

Mitosis Rap: Mr. W's Cell Division Song

Mitosis and Cytokinesis Animation and Quiz

Mitosis Animation (JohnKyrk):

Cell cycle and mitosis animations 


Mitosis Video   *We understand more about why the nuclear membrane dissolves now.

Mitosis with narrator (6 min) visuals are step by step;

Simpler "line diagrams" of mitosis are on on this site


Meiosis - The Continuation of Life;  Music, text and HD imagery

Meiosis Square Dance

Meiosis Square Dance - Long Version

Meiosis Animation (Cells Alive):

Meiosis Animation with Quiz (McGrawHill):

Meiosis Animation (JohnKyrk):

Meiosis Animation (csuchico):

Mitosis vs. Meiosis (Comparisons)

PBS/Nova Mitosis vs meiosis  Side-by-side animations

Mitosis vs. Meiosis from Thinkwell's Video Biology Course  (The one some of us watched in class on Friday)

Bozeman Science Mitosis and Meiosis 11 minutes, very good.

Comparison video and quiz (1)

Comparison video and quiz (2)

Mistakes in meiosis/Nondisjunction/Karyotypes

"Reading" chromosomes; homologs:

Making a karyotype (interactive):

Making a karyotype - multiple options (interactive):

Example of a normal karyotype:

Using karyotypes to predict genetic disorders:

Human chromosomal disorders:

Preparing a karyotype (how to):