Natural Selection Extra Credit: Assigned 5/26/16 (due Tues)

This assignment is due TUESDAY, MAY 31.

OPTION A   ONLINE SIMULATION: Natural Selection in Bunnies!

Bunny Lab: Online interactive model of natural selection in a rabbit population.

Will Bunnies take over the world?  Will the allele frequencies in their populations change?  What conditions will or won't make these things happen?  Do all mutations make things more fit?  How are genetics and pedigrees related to evolution? Find out here:  (MIGHT REQUIRE YOU TO DOWNLOAD, BUT WORTH THE WAIT)


  1. First, go to the Bunny site, download (if needed) and open the pHet module.  
  2. Play around to figure out how things work.  Try out the different buttons and teach yourself how the model operates.
  3. When ready, decide what variables/factors you want to manipulate.  Run at least one simulation to completion.
  4. HAVE EVIDENCE!  Screen shot, data, etc...
  5. Do a written analysis/summary/explanation of your experiment and results.  Your written component should identify the following concepts as they relate to your scenario:  variation, genetics/heredity, allele frequency, selective force (hint: this is what makes the variation matter - like in the mouse example...), , reproduction, and fitness.   

Checklist of concepts to discuss:

  • variation

  • genetics/heredity

  • allele frequency

  • selective force (hint: this is what makes the variation matter - like in the mouse example...)

  • reproduction, and

  • fitness   



  1. Choose one of the videos below.
  2. Watch the video in it's entirety.  Notes might be a good idea.
  3. Write a FULL PAGE summary of the video that includes the important aspects.  Typed would be nice, but must be LEGIBLE!!!  FULL PAGE does not mean 3/4!!! This is a minimum length.

Video Choice 1:  The Making of the Fittest: Evolving Switches, Evolving Bodies (Stickleback Evolution):  Find out more about why some stickleback have stickles and some don't!  

Video Choice 2:  Malaria and Sickle Cell (Human Evolution):  Find out how sickle cell is related to the disease that kills the most people every year!

Video Choice 3:  The Making of the Fittest: The Birth and Death of Genes (Stickleback Evolution):  Find out more about the mutation that caused the stickle to leave, and how glow in the dark fish help scientists figure it out!

OPTION C   Compare and Contrast Natural Selection and Artificial Selection


  1. Construct a data table like the one below.
  2. Complete with accurate information, examples and explanations. 
  3. Additional references, information can be included as well.

Natural SelectionArtificial Selection

Specific Example

What trait is favored in your specific example?

Who/what provides the selective force in your specific example?

Images or other additional support

Things these two mechanisms have in common

What is different between these two mechanisms?