To see what is going on in English class each day, click on "Lesson Plans" above on this page! All assignments and work each week will be located on your Google Classroom  ut we will also be using paper and pencil at times this year.


My Access Essays will posted soon for marking period 1!!! First marking period essays have a final due date of October 15. 

The following is the scoring guide I use when grading the My Access essays:

4.0 = 95% (can be higher if the essay is exceptional)
3.0 - 85%
2.0 = 75%
1.0 = 65%
If you have say 3.2 the score in my grade book would be 85 + 2 which would give you an 87%. Another example... 2.4 would be 75 + 4 (for the 0.4) which give you a grade of 79%.