Renaissance Project


 This assignment is assigned as of Wednesday, September 11, 2019. 

Choice of Project to Ms. Laird....... Wed., September 12, 2019

Rough Sketch of Project in detail including all components.... Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Trip Permission Slips/Money AND Fundraiser Money/Orders Due... Friday, Sept. 20, 2019

Final Projects Due.... Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Trip to PA Ren. Faire.... Thursday, October 3, 2019

Updated websites to help with the Shield/Heraldry Project:

**This second website includes a LOT of great information including a step-by-step on how to plan and create a shield!**


Details of POSTER Project...

1. Overall Poster Size: 24” high by 18” wide. POSTERS MUST BE VERTICAL!

2. Any paper stock can be used or poster board.

3. Acceptable Types of Media that can be used: water colors, oils, pastels, tempera, acrylics, colored pencils, applique, etc. NO COMPUTER GENERATED GRAPHICS.

4. The poster’s theme is to be centered around the joust, music, theatre or romance. Pick one topic and make that the overriding message of your poster.

5. The poster must incorporate the words “Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire” and a marketing slogan of your choice into its design.

6. Judging Criteria: Posters will be judged on overall creativity, difficulty, originality and design. 

7. Work must be completed entirely by one student. ONLY ONE poster per school and grade can be entered into the competition.

8. The top 1/2” of the poster should be left blank to allow the poster to be hung for display.

10. Student’s name, school and grade level must be displayed on the bottom 1/2” of the poster.


Details of SHIELD Project (also known as banner or heraldry or coat of arms)...

Size Requirement: 24" high by 18" wide, including all elements of banner with ties in upper corners. 

1. SHIELD: Any shape can be used. The outside perimeter of the shield should fill a sizable portion of the banner as shown here.

2. HELM: Any shape can be used.

3. MANTLE: This represents a falling cloth that protected the armor and the helmet from the heat of the direct sun.

4. PARTING OF THE FIELD: The lines dividing the shield into sections. Use as many lines as you like, depending on the charges you wish to include.

5. CHARGES: The symbols used to decorate the shield. Usually reflects something for which your school is known.

6. MOTTO: Single word or phrase to represent your school.

7. SCHOOL NAME: Must be incorporated into the design (NO ABBREVIATIONS).

8. YEAR BANNER WAS DESIGNED: “2019” must be included in the banner design.

9. TIES ON UPPER CORNERS: Used to display the banner.

10. Shields are evaluated on design, creativity and placement of elements.