11th Grade U.S. History

11th Grade Extra Credit
Due Monday 11/4



Directions: Go to the website listed below. Where it states "Web Code" enter the code nca-1010 & nca-1108. Then click on progress monitoring online.  Take the quiz for: "The Union in Crisis (1846–1861) Lincoln, Secession, and War &The Civil War (1861–1865)Turning Points of the War

After you have answered all 10 questions, then click on score my test. Print out both pages with your score. Be sure to put your first and last name on the top of your printed paper. A score of 5 on both quizzes will earn you 10 points towards your lowest test grade.


I will not accept pictures/screen shots on phone.




Although several will be offered you may only receive points for ONE extra credit per Quarter!!

Extra Credit Is Added On To Your Lowest Test Grade for the quarter excluding your midterm, final &/or regents!!