Ms. Loveless' 7th Grade Language Arts

Ms. Loveless' 7th Grade Language Arts!

PARENTS: Thank you for taking the time to invest yourself in your child's education! Here you will be able to see the assignments your child will be completeing in class, upcoming projects, extra credit options, and homework assignments. When possible, I will post worksheets completed in class in case your child misses an assignment due to absense. Unfortunately, textbook work will be up to the student to make up, as textbooks are not able to be posted on the web or taken out of the classroom.

***As always I can be reached by calling the school at EXT 562 if you have any questions or simply wish to speak to me about your child.

STUDENTS: Thank you for spending your personal time exploring the class website. If you have missed an assignment or are unsure of possible homework/ upcoming projects you can navigate this website to find out! If an assignment is posted and you do not see the material on the webpage to complete it, please see me the next time we have class together with the name of the assignment and the date and I will get you caught up on what you missed. 

Note: If you download an assignment but are unsure of how to complete it, ATTEMPT IT. I will not penalize you for not understanding something I did not teach you. Please try the assignment and I will help explain it to you after I have looked over what you tried.


********** Handouts for the following links will be provided when available**********


  Class Assignments - Brief description of daily assignments by date

  Homework Assignments - Brief description of Homework by date

  Vocabulary lists - Vocab lists sorted by date

  Upcoming Projects - Brief decriptions of major upcoming assignments by date

  Extra Credit Opportunities  - Brief descriptions of available extra credit assignments

   Other Downloads - Information provided for Ms. Loveless' class are posted by date