How to Help with Homework




Smile Develop a Homework Routine 

Set a specific time for daily reading and completing school assignments. 

Cool  Set a Homework Area 

It is a good idea to have a designated homework area.  It is best if you choose an area with no distractions such as TV, toys, or any other loud noises. 

Laughing  Encourage Children to do Homework Independently 

Help your child by reading the directions of the assignment; however avoid providing the student with the answers.  In order for learning to take place it is best if parents help by guiding the child to find the answers.  Allow the child to try doing the homework on their own and correct them if necessary. 

Wink  Remember to sign off the homework learning log 

By signing the homework learning log you are stating that your child completed the homework and that you assisted them with any questions they had. 


Develop a Homework Routine

It’s important that parents develop a homework routine for children to get used to the idea of doing homework. Set a timetable for daily reading and doing school assignments.

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