Meet Ms. Malone

Bienvenido!! Or Welcome!!! to my page. As if you haven't already guessed it...I'm Ms. Malone. I am overjoyed that you have decided to visit my page. I enjoy teaching and I want to share my entusiasum for learning with all of you. Right now is an exciting time in education. I am encouraging my students to venture into more accountable task and behavior and to see that everything is a little bigger and brighter. The world is starting to open up for you and I am here to guide you towards the right keys to success.

I would like to tell you all alittle about me. I am a mother of three, two lovely twin ladies and one handsome son. When I am not creating lesson plans or enjoying my children's time, I am doing something creative with my hands. I enjoy reading and writing, as well. I have over 10 years experience as an educator and have taught public, private and home -schooling curriculum. I pride myself of doing and being the best I can each and every day...and so I will motivate you to do the same. Remember everyday can be an adventure to discover more about yourself and the world around. Join we swan dive into the pool of knowledge.