S.O.S. - Need Resources

Here's some links to awesome resources for teachers, educators, parents, and students:


Good For...

Teachers Pay Teachers Literally EVERYTHING! Seriously. The best.
CM School Supply Cheap(er) school and classroom supplies/Professional Development opportunities (sign up for their email flyers!)
Edutopia Sponsored by the George Lucas Foundation; lessons and resources, videos, blogs, ed policy articles, news, grant opportunities, etc.
The Stacks At The Stacks, students can post book reviews, get reading recommendations, play games based on the latest series, watch videos, and more. It's like Facebook for reading and it's safe for school, too.
Smithsonian Education The Smithsonian offers thousands of resources for educators, including lesson plans, virtual tours of their latest exhibits, and the opportunity to connect with experts in the field.
Teacher Tube Like YouTube but for teachers, students, and the school environment!
Educreations Share video lessons with students in a safe classroom environment and have students show what they know by creating their own videos!
GoNoodle A site that's well-stocked with imaginative games, videos, brain breaks, and activities aimed at increasing both levels of movement and brain engagement in the classroom.
CODE Code is a non-profit educational foundation whose goal is that every student in every school has the opportunity to learn how to code.  The website provides an integrated computer science curriculum as well as professional development opportunities for educators.
Kahoot! There is no end to the possibilites that Kahoot provides! Use it as a formative or summative assessment tool, test prep, exit slips, morning welcome, et cetera.  Kahoot is especially helpful for English Language Learners.