Welcome to Biology Honors!!!

Welcome To Ms. McKnight's Biology Honors Class!!

                                    Contact Information: mcknightj@pcsb.org   
Hello and welcome to Biology Honors!  My name is Ms. McKnight and I will be your science teacher.  Together we will venture through many exciting lessons that explore the concepts of life science.  I look forward to this year and hope to make your science class experience a wonderful one.


High Code of Honor             How will I learn?                                                   How will I earn my grade?

Responsible                           Step 1: Teacher-Directed Instruction                   Class Work

Respectful                          Step 2: Peer-Supported Instruction                      Interactive Science Notebook

Safe                                   Step 3: Self-Directed Instruction                         Homework

                                           Step 4: Parent/Guardian Support                          Classwork


                                                                                                                         End of Year Project





Have Fun!
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