My Teaching Philosophy

My Philosophy of Education

By: Melanie McDonald


When writing a poem,

The purpose is to show, not  tell.

Paint a picture for the senses,

Hear, taste, feel, see and smell.


When teaching a lesson,

A task sometimes harder to do,

Paint a picture for the mind

Read, write, speak, listen and view.


The aims of each are often alike

Creating an image to inspire and please

Conveying a message

With rhythm, repetition, and ease


For the many different forms,

Creative lessons should vary,

When material is delivered clearly

A strong message will carry.


Both poets and teachers

Have similar goals,

To invoke critical thinking,

And take on various roles.


Teachers expand horizons

To help their students to believe,

Promoting intellectual curiosity

And helping all to achieve.


Work inside the classroom

Is the most exciting part,

Shared discussions and conversation

Helps bring things to a start.


Going back to school,

Getting help from colleagues and peers,

Personal growth never ends,

But continues through the years.


All sounds perfect in theory,

The hard part is putting it to play.

The key is to remain flexible and remember