About Me

Hi All! 

I am Michelae. I am a New York State Certified Teacher for birth through sixth grade, as well as a NYS certified Literacy Specialist. Literacy just means everything that has to do with reading and writing and all of the supportive skills that are used during those processes. 

I am also a mom to some pretty awesome kids, two cats and two bearded dragons. I obviously am a huge fan of reading and writing. I am pretty sure that is the only reason why I try to get my chores done at home; so I can sit down and read after everyone goes to sleep! 

I like to stay active by biking, playing soccer, and chancing after my children.  When I am on the go, I really like to listen to audio books. 

My teaching philosophy is easily broken into managable chunks (just like how challenging texts can be offered in smaller bites):

1.Philosophy of Teachers
2.Philosophy of Students
3.Philosophy of Learning
4.Philosophy of Collaboration

  I believe that teachers should develop a positive, productive learning environment and maintain appropriately targeted expectations, in order to support students in reaching their goals. Teachers should engage their students personally and academically to help build positive relationships.

  Each and every student is an individual, independent person and learns in a different way. It is the teachers responsibility to meet their needs and provide them with the tools and skills in which to be successful.

  I believe that learning is a lifelong process, and I want my students to be as passionate about learning as I am. Finding that first book that ignites the fire for reading is an essential step in realizing a lifelong learning mindset.

  I believe that teaching a student is a collaborative effort. If it takes a village to raise a child then that village should be required to support their education as well. A teacher is the facilitator and director of that collaboration and must reach out and establish relationships with their colleagues, administrators, support faculty and staff, community members and most importantly; parents.

It is also exptemely importanat to teach students the importance of  and how to colloborate with their peers. When we all work together making substantive descions with a sigle goal in mind we can accomplish anything.