Ms. Michelae Reads


Thank you for stopping in! My name is Michelae. I am a birth through sixth grade certified teacher and birth through sixth grade certified Literacy specialist. I have worked in a library for the past two years, and certainly know my way around books! My goal is to kindle a love for learning and reading and a passion for life in every  student that I teach. 

I am currently browsing for my permanent teaching home and offer individual general education tutoring to students Pre-Kindergarten through sixth grade and literacy intervention tutoring for students who are struggling with reading and writing skills and/or motivation.  

Although it is small now, I am going to build this sweet little webpage into a hub of resources for teachers and parents of struggling readers and writers. If there is anything that you would like to know more about please contact me through the information provided on the "Contact me" tab. 

What can you do at home to support good reading habits?

Reading with your child and making that time a happy and memorable occasion is the best way support any reader.  Reading with your child is an easy way to give your child an advantage before going to school and during their school years. By reading aloud to your child it builds important reading and language foundational skills, naturally introduces new vocabulary, provides an example of fluent reading, and starts an appreciation and love for reading. Those are all key components to being a successful reader and learner.


If you are interested in learning more about this topic check out this video by Reading Rockets!

When should I get outside help? 

Deciding to hire a tutor or elicit the help of your child's school can be a tough decision to come to as a parent. 

If your child is struggling, always start with a conversation with their teacher. Most times they will have some awesome suggestions and options for you. 

If they suggest a tutor, try to contact multiple tutors and talk to them about what you are looking for and what their qualifications are. You can always check in with the classroom teacher to see if the tutor you chose is a good option for your child. 


Summer is coming! What should I do with my kiddos?

I always have a moment of panic when summer is around the bend and I realize my own personal children don't have their schedule of things to do. I am a type-A, color coding, schedule making mom. Not everyone needs to be that way, but we all do need at leasy a vague idea. My suggestion is to try your best to keep your kids moving, get them outside, get them social, and get them off the screens. 

Our family never goes for the fancy summer camps that cost more than a vacation. Our town, school, library and community center offer a ton of things that get our kids out, moving and social during the summer. 

If your child suffers from the infamous summer-slide (meaning they forget a lot of things they learned in school during the summer) there are a few options that you can employ to fight against it. 

1. Make  sure your child is reading. Get to the library, the local book store, or grab some free books online. 

2. Pick up a workbook that keep their core skills fresh. I use the 'Summer Brain Quest' between the grades workbook for my personal children.  

3. Play collabortive board games at home, the library or at your local comic shop. Playing board games develops and supports language and communication skills. 

4. Hire a tutor if your child is resistant to the above suggestions, but also keep plugging away at that list ^^^  They'll come around. 

What is Ms. Michelae Reading? 

I have always loved and respected Jon Klasssen as an author-illustrator. Even when he colloborates with others, his work is always distinctly his and comes with a witty charm that  entertains and tickles  everyone. I just read one book of a three book series that he worked on with Mac Barnett titled Triangle. 

Triangle comes highly recommended, and I am heading over to my local library to take out Square  this weekend! and I am excited for Cirlce being published in early 2019! 

Keep calm and read on! 

With all the love! 

~Ms. Michelae heart