Ms. Millsap's Student Teacher Website


Welcome to my student teacher website! I will be intering in your child's recource classroom with Mrs.Lambert until the first week of December. I will be updating this website personally with information that is going on in the classroom and throughout the school.

I would like to get input from the parents and guardians on what you would like to be updated on. Some examples are: spelling words, what test are on what dates, or what special events are happening on campus.

Please feel free to email what you would like to see on this website and check back soon for an updated site!

Week of 11/5/18 Spelling list:

3rd grade:               4th grade:              5th grade: 

ocean                      distrust                  wilderness

float                              disable                    dissatisfied

load                           disengage                   disapproved

alone                          disagreeable                        disappeared      

hope                             cleverness                  disappointment    

    golden                         disorganized                       disconnect             

pillow                            tenderness                            swiftness       

glowing                           coziness                             heaviness          

note                         forgiveness                               eagerness        

        yellow                             carelessness                              greatness            



Days not in school:


11/19/18 - 11/23/18


If you would like to volunteer in the classroom or on school campus, feel free to contact the front office, Mrs. Lambert, or myself for information on how to do so.

"Every student can learn, just not at the same time or in the same way."