About Me

This is my first year at Crabapple Middle School, but my 4th year teaching overall.  I have taught Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science, but hands down, Science is my favorite!

In my spare time, I love reading and SPORTS!  My favorite sport is basketball, which I have both played and coached.  Admittedly, my favorite team (the Atlanta Hawks) have not been doing so well lately, but I love them nonetheless. laugh  I also am a true Atlanta Falcons fan so when football season starts back, DON'T MENTION ANY OTHER TEAM TO ME!  Just kidding. wink

I love to read, do things outdoors like camp and kayak, and I also love spending time with my pet Polo.  I'm sure you will hear about him throughout the year.  I also love listening to music.  I like almost everything when it comes to tunes.  Lastly, I also enjoy watching television, however mind-numbing it may be.  My favorite show is Heart of Dixie, but you can't beat a good cartoon.  My favorite is and probably always will be SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!

"Life is better when you are laughing."  - Unknown

Thanks for being such SUPER SCIENTISTS!
Ms. Mincey