MSB Energy

Watch the Magic School Bus Video on Energy and Charge found at this link . (Click the word "link" to be taken to the video.  If for some reason it does not work, type in 'The Magic School Bus E49 Gets Charged' on the YouTube website and click the first thumbnail.)

Complete the worksheet attached here . (Click the word "here".)  Write your answers on a separate sheet of paper and turn into the sub.  Any papers not turned in to the sub will be graded as a zero.  Take advantage of your FREE ONE HUNDRED.

After the video, please post a one paragraph summary of what you learned from the video on the padlet here . (Click the word "here".)

If you finish early, read your book for your Language Arts Book Club, or silently work on your iPad on another assignment.

THERE WILL BE NO CONSTRUCTION OF ROLLER COASTERS TODAY!  --yes, this means the deadline is going to be extended...