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Replicating what happens in our classrooms is not something we can achieve during this period. Our goal is to work in collaboration with families to keep alive the culture of learning that is unique to Montessori and provides families with support and activities that match the developmental needs and characteristics of the child.


6-9 Year Old Specific Needs and Characteristics

❖ Respect the stage of development - many Lower Elementary students are at a “concrete level” and require the Montessori materials to complete certain task. Teachers will guide you regarding what works make sense for your child

❖ Develop ideas that allow the opportunity for Lower Elementary students to build from their interests. Examples may include projects, journals, creative writing, geometry constructions, Practical Life at home

❖Encourage socialization. Lower Elementary students are extremely social; they will need to feel connected to their friends 


The Uninterrupted Work Cycle 

Establishing a routine that works for your family is an essential first step to creating a successful learning environment at home. Children are very familiar with this framework from school. In a Montessori classroom, children are given large blocks of time in order to explore their work deeply. This contributes directly to the development of concentration and provides opportunities to collaborate and problem-solve. It is the framework that fosters child-centred as opposed to teacher-directed learning.


Live Circle Times - SUPER SPECIAL GUESTS this week!

LES 11am Tuesday Meeting ID: 694 786 434 Password: 501658 & 12pm Thursday Meeting ID: 145 848 730 Password: 658608

LEE 11am Monday & Thursday Circle Link

LEN 11am Wednesday & Friday: Circle Link meeting id: 934-505-229 password: 517374



LES- Schedule a time here

LEN- Schedule a time here

LEE- Schedule a time here


New & Important Items are Highlighted in Yellow: if you find yourself bored... sit still and create in your mind! You can also go back to old material and do what you did not complete before. 


Montessori Specific Activities******

Week 1 

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5 & 6 - Printable (Suggestion: Print and cut out each activity. Place all options in a jar and pull 1-3 new activities per day to complete.)

Virtual Field Trips! - scroll to April!


Printable Bead Bars , Checkerboard , Large Bead Frame , Stamp Game , Test Tubes  ***To help with math operations you have had lessons on.

Video Math Instruction:

Stamp Game Multiplication Video with Homemade Material

Stamp Game Subtraction Video

Double Digit Checkerboard Example Video


Khalsa YouTube 




    Any-day Choices   Monday Choices Tuesday choices Wednesday choices Thursday choices Friday choices      
Listening & Language  


The Past and the Curious

**Listen to 1 podcast and draw a picture or write about what you heard.

Funny Fill-In Mad Lib Inventor



Parts of Speech Coloring Sheets

Peaceful Childre, Peaceful World

Measurement, Time, Geometry, Math  

1st Year: Click Here

2nd year: Click Here

Final Year: Click Here


Perimeter Dice Game - Printable Graph Paper

**Play this fun game about shapes and perimeter



At-Home Measurement Activities - Printable

At-Home Geometery - Printable

At-Home Fractions - Printable



Math Facts  


computation problems for the level you have had lessons on --->


Printable Dynamic and Static Addition Problems

Printable Dynamic and Static Subtraction Problems

Printable Dynamic and Static Multiplication Problems

Printable Division Problems

More Printable Addition

More Printable Subtraction

More Printable Multiplication

At-Home Addition / Subtraction - Printable At-Home Multiplication / Division - Printable        
Art / Music  

Kids for Peace Projects

**Chose at least 1 project to do from this website this week! Share your project with your teacher or at circle

Shoelace Tutorial


Bird Finger Puppet

Mandala Art Project - Ms. Carie

Rolled Paper Beads

Cardboard Creations


How to draw a Kookaburra

Kindness Rainbow

Explore Paint Rainbow


Australia Song

Japanese Children's Taiko Group

Instruments of India

Chinese Lantern Festival Music

Nature Paintbrushes      

1st Year Khalsa Yoga

2nd Year Khalsa Yoga

3rd Year Khalsa Yoga



1st Yr Yoga II

2nd Yr Yoga II

3rd Yr Yoga II

1st Yr Yoga III

2nd Yr Yoga III

3rd Ye Yoga III

1st Yr Yoga IV

2nd Yr Yoga IV

3rd Yr Yoga IV

1st Yr Yoga V

2nd Yr Yoga V

3rd Yr Yoga V


2nd Yr Yoga VI

3rd Yr Yoga VI

Language & Writing  



work on your research project for your Asia or Oceania Topic 

1st/2nd Year Rough Draft Lesson



Respond and send to your teacher if not completed before:

1. If you could change something about how you're learning now, what would you change?

2. If you could design how your learning looks for the next month, what would it look like? What would you do differently? What do you like and should stay the same?

3. What have you learned about yourself now that we have been learning at home for 4 weeks?

4. What types of projects are your favorite? Least favorite?

Make one of the recipes in Practical Life and write about it's smell, taste, the process of making it, how it sounds when you eat it. Watch one of the ODE videos and answer the prompt below the videos.



Go outside and smell a tree, smell another tree, and a third tree. How do they smell? What is similar about the smells? What is different?





Practical Life  

Kids for Peace Projects

**Chose at least 1 project to do from this website this week! Share your project with your teacher or at circle

Shoelace Tutorial


Baked Parmesan Tomatoes


set the table before a meal

write a message to your neighbors on your sidewalk


Orzo Pasta Salad

Homemade Salsa

Sweep or vaccuum something in your home

draw and write a letter to an elderly person in a nursing home

Nut Butter Breakfast Bites

Apple Doughnut

organize your clothing drawers

offer to walk your neighbor's dog



Veggie Mac n Cheese

Baked Green Bean Fries

match and fold all the socks in the house

pick up trash in your neighborhood

Pan Fried Cinnamon Bananas

Apple Ladybug

water plants

pull weeds for your house or a neighbor's house


 Have you written your rough draft of your Australia or Asia Research Project?? Editing and Revising is next!


India Safari

Australian Animals


watch and write down 3-5 fun facts you learned

Phx Art Museum - India's Fashion

Aboriginal Rock Art

Historical Australia - Aborigines - Follow Up Questions



Asia - Destination World

watch and illustrate a picture with a sentence describing your illustration

Indigenous Australians

Australian Animals Printable

Asian Animals Printable

Australian Food


research an Australian or Oceanian food that looks yummy


Children Snake Charmers

Australian Landmarks

Thailand Tigers

Write a 3 line poem about what you watched

Reef Bleaching

Great Barrier Reef

Sydney Opera House

Tell your family 3 interesting facts about this video





handwriting link

practice 5 words 5 times each



Outdoor Environment / Science / PE   1 Month PE Challenge  

Outdoor Environment Montessori Videos

After each video think about what it would be like to be in the video, doing the things the host is doing. Share your thoughts with your teacher or family member.

In the Garden w/ Ms Renee Rose Garden Scavenger Hunt Crystal Egg Geode        
Literature   read your literature book on your own each day    


Reading LES  


These are available but not required



Click Here to Schedule with Ms Laurie

Click Here to Schedule with Ms Laurie

Click Here to Schedule with Ms Laurie

Click Here to Schedule with Ms Laurie

Click Here to Schedule with Ms Laurie

Reading LEE  

These are available but not required



Mr Mike's Zoom

12:30-1:10 1st years

1:30-2:10 2nd years

2:30-3:10 Final years

Mr Mike's Zoom

9:00-9:45 1st years

10:00-10:45 2nd years

12:00-12:45 Final years

12:30-1:15 1st years Ms Keerat's Zoom

1:30-2:15 2nd year literature Ms Keerat's Zoom

2:30-3:15 Final years literature Ms Keerat's Zoom

Mr Mike's Zoom

9:00-9:45 1st years

10:00-10:45 2nd years

12:00-12:45 Final years

Mr Mike's Zoom

10:00-10:45 1st years

11:00-11:45 2nd years

12:00-12:45 Final years

Reading LEN  

These are available but not required

  Click Here to Schedule with Ms Jazmine

Click Here to Schedule with Ms Jazmine

Click Here to Schedule with Ms Jazmine

Click Here to Schedule with Ms Jazmine


Click Here to Schedule with Ms Jazmine







Parent Requested Materials

Weekly Work Plan Link

Daily work plan link

As requested, here are a few book suggestion links:




Research How-To Videos

Research Lesson 1

Research Lesson 2

Research Lesson 3

Research Lesson 4

Research Lesson 5

Research Lesson 6

Research Lesson 7


Writing Prompts for Journal or Research

Writing prompts

Writing mat

Older Writing Prompts  





Describe a place you like to go to be alone. What does this place look like? Why is this the place you choose to go to for quiet? How does it make you feel to be in this place? Write about it.


Make a list of 30 things that make you happy! For more fun, cut them out and alphabetize them. 


Day I - Choose a place to sit. Close your eyes and listen. Keep listening until you hear at least 5 sounds. What did you hear? Write what sounds you heard. Then spend some time looking and describing where and how each sound was created. 

For eg: I hear a bird chirping. The chirp sounded like sweet singing to my ears. The bird was sitting on a low branch of a tree in my backyard. This small bird has brown feathers and a red breast. It flits from branch to branch. 

For brainstorming, you can draw 3 boxes on a page. In each box write one sound you heard. Under the sound, write a few details of where and how this sound was heard.


last week: Write down a story about your favorite thing from the weekend

When you go outside which of your senses are you most thankful for having? (sight, touch, taste, hearing) What do you experience outside when using this sense? Explain why you are most thankful for this sense.


Imagine you are sitting peacefully at the top of a mountain. You are looking down on your city... describe all the things you see.


Day 2 - Spring is around us. Go outside to observe nature. What do you smell, touch, see or hear? Write about it. You can also add your feelings about this time of the year.

For brainstorming make four boxes on a page. In each write one sense that you are using to observe nature. Then write details about spring you notice using that sense. 


last week: Call a relative relative and ask them to tell you a story from their childhood

Choose a natural object that you can see when you look out a window and write about it. Describe how it looks and moves. Write about how you think it might sound and feel.


Write a story from the perspective of a rabit going down it's hole. What does the rabbit experience?


Day 3 - Share a recipe you cooked this week/last week. How was your experience making it? Who did you share it with? How did each person experience the taste?


last week: Write a letter to someone at school, email a picture of it to your teacher.


Would you rather live in a secret forest or a desert island? Give reasons for your answer. What would you do and see in your chosen biome? You could write a story about what your life might be like in one of these places.  Think about what you already know about forests and deserts.


Write a poem about something you experienced yesterday. Start with: Yesterday, yesterday...


Day 4 - Write about one person or pet in your family. Describe this person or pet first. Then tell us why you enjoy them.


last week: sit in silence for 10 minutes and write down every sound you hear

Cut and paste a few pictures you find beautiful in a magazine to make a collage. Write 3 sentences about your finds. 


Day 5 - Now that you have been away from your class for a while, what are the three things/experiences you miss most? Why?

For brainstorming, make three boxes on a page and write each thing/experience you miss in one box. Don't forget to write all the reasons you miss it. 


last week: make a video of you telling a story or reading a book




Free Choice Options that Align with Montessori


Museums around the world


LEGO Challenge






and Language


Digital Citizenship Family Discussion

**Please discuss as a family**

Ms Carie's IDIOM Read-a-Loud

Idiom Follow Up Printable

True Colors Virtual Choir

Reading w/ Ms. Carie (The Three Questions)

Reading w/ Ms. Emily (Dreamers)









and Music       

Outback Poetry / Activity

Beethoven’s 7th Symphony

DIY Suncatchers

Every Little Cell Song 

Printable Aboriginal Art Page

Tin Foil Drawing

Mind and Body is Still Song               

Wally Wombat Poem

Aboriginal Art Research

Recycled Robots

Aboriginal Printable Art

Draw the Taj Mahal





Practical Life




Upcycled T-Shirt Tote **send a picture of yours to your teacher

PBJ Sushi Rolls

Peanut butter Pitas

set the table before a meal

write a message to your neighbors on your sidewalk

No-Bake Cereal Cookie Bars

Baked Lentil Veggie Nuggets

Veggie Quesadillas


Sweep or vaccuum something in your home

draw and write a letter to an elderly person in a nursing home

Bread in a Bag

Overnight Oats

Banana Bars

organize your clothing drawers

offer to walk your neighbor's dog

Creating a Work Space

Fresh Fruit Popcicles

Avocado Pesto Past


Grilled Cheese

match and fold all the socks in the house

pick up trash in your neighborhood


Banana S'mores Bites

Fruit Breakfast Tacos

Frech Toast Roll Ups

Pizza Rolls

water plants

pull weeds for your house or a neighbor's house












Outdoor Environment

and PE

Seed Lab at DBG

**Find a seed from a plant in your garden, or from something you ate.

Carefully slice the seed in half to examine the inside. Draw a pricture of what you see.**

Miss Renee's Garden Video 1

Miss Renee's Garden Video 1 Follow Up

Ocean in a Bottle

Garden Plants with Names

Garden Followup II

Make Your Own Bee Hotel - Ms Renee

Bee Hotel Follow Up

Light Science w/ Ms Carie

Free Digital Ranger Rick

ODE with Mr. Mike



50th Anniversary of Earth Day, April 22, 2020! Here are some ideas of how to celebrate!

*******Plant the seeds you received in your cubby bag somewehere special in your yard or house. Take a picture and email to your teacher to share with the school!********

Turn into artists and explorers to celebrate Earth Day.  NatGeo is asking parents to create safari scenes, display them where others can see, then encourage others in your community to participate (at a safe distance!) so everyone can spot animals on their personal safari. Get the details, then show us what your family did. #NatGeoEarthDayAtHome

Make a Homemade Hummingbird Feeder          Printable Project Here          

Earth Day is all about protecting the planet. For kids, that often means protecting wildlife. Start by meeting some amazing animals that need your help, along with tips on how to save some of them.

These tips will show how your family can work together to help protect the planet from things like habitat destructionpollution, and declining biodiversity.





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Your student’s username is their first name and first initial

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