Science Fair

Science Fair Information

Here are some helpful websites:

Miami Dade county public schools science website:

Miami Dade county public schools High School science website:

M-DCPS Science competition website (Science Fair)

Science fair forms and guidelines (Very important):


Science Fair Project Timeline


Title of Assignment                                                                            Deadline


Choose Topic (Title, hypothesis & Problem)                                            Aug. 21-24 (For a grade)


10-15 Sources                                                                                             Sept.19-20 (For a grade)


Experimental Design (Variable, materials & Procedures)                     Oct. 3rd-4th(For a grade)


Collect Data/ Analysis                                                                           Sept 30-Oct.26 (On-going research)


Project due Date (Presentation)                                                             Nov.5th-6th (Block schedule)


In school judging                                                                                    Nov.13th-16th




Choose three topics that you are interested in

Study the available information

State the purpose of your project

Develop your hypothesis

Plan your project experiment

Analyze your data

Reach and state your conclusion

Prepare your final report


  1. Title page
  2. Abstract
  3. Project Introduction
  4. Details of the Experiment
  5. Description of Results
  6. Assessment and conclusion
  7. Research Bibliography
  8. Acknowledgements



Website for forms: Click “Home” then click “High School Science” then Click “Competitions”


Follow odd/even schedule closet to due date given

Submit pictures of work in progress with identification (Student name, project title and date)

Teacher will keep all photographs

No face on Photographs allowed

Keep duplicate copies of photographs to be displayed on project

Science Fair will be worked on only at home with the consultation as needed from teacher


Science Fair Evaluation Sheet

Student Name:____________________________Date:__________________ Period:_________




Numerical Score



Problem & Hypothesis




Background Research




Exp. Design/Materials/Procedure




Variable/Controls/Sample Size




Data Collection








Visual Display/Poster Board




Visual Display PowerPoint (optional)




Interview (Optional)








Level of Difficulty/Creativity




Works Cited




Total Score:




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