C.14 Lecture Notes

Chapter 14-1
Darwin developed a theory of Evolution

Define Key Terms:




Descent with modification

Natural selection


Ideas from Darwin’s Time

Evolution: is all of the changes that have transformed life over a extremely long period of time.

Before Darwin, there were 2 ideas as to how life started on Earth:

                                1.)Species are fixed/permanent


                                2. )Earth was less than 10,000 years old

                                    and has remained relatively unchanged

These ideas began to change as people became aware of the diversity or organisms around them.


In the mid 1700’s a French scientist named G. Buffon led a study of fossils.


He observed that the fossils of some animals were similar to but not identical to some of the living animals.

Another French scientist,  G.B. Lamark, suggested that life changes or evolves. He recognized that species are not permanent.


Today scientist consider adaptation to be an inherited characteristic that improves an organisms ability to survive.

See Figure 14-1

Read p. 293

See Figure 14-2 and 14-3

Examples of adaptation


A green Lizard...............Hide from predators


Giraffe with a long neck............able to reach top branches for food


Zebra Stripes............................Confuse predators


Bears that hibernate in the winter............... Won't need to look for food when food is scarce.




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Darwin Proposed Natural Selection as the mechanism of Evolution 14.3


Define Key Terms




Artificial Selection


Read and sum Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection:


---------------------------------------------------------(summarize) in your own words.


Artificial Selection:

Compare and Contrast Natural Selection & Artificial Selection


Pesticides- Natural Selection in Action (Read)

Relate pesticide resistance in insects to natural selection.



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