Genetics Research Project

Due Feb. 22nd- For ODD classes and Feb. 27th for EVEN Classes

 You must follow block schedule. Your project due on the actual date you have Biology class!


Genetic Research Project

Genetic Disorder Research Project (Directions on Front & Back)

The name of my disease is: ______________________

Due date: _________________ (NO EXCEPTIONS)

Objective: Students will gain a better overall understanding of various genetic disorders and diseases. Students will build upon their knowledge of research skills, oral presentation skills and research papers writing using correct format.

Components of Project: This project is comprised of 3 components. A research paper, Oral Class presentation and display poster. Student must complete ALL SECTIONS. Students cannot pick and choose which components they will complete. If all components are not met the student will receive a grade of Zero on the project.

Grading:  The regular A-F grading will be used. Each portion of the project is one-third of the total grade.

Oral Presentation- Student will present the disease they researched in a 5-8 minute presentation. Students will speak clearly and knowledgeable about their topic and be able to answer follow up questions from the teacher and/or their classmates. Students will not read from note cards, papers, or their poster board. The poster board may be briefly referred to and used as a visual teaching aid. Since you will be the only student assigned to your specific disorder, you must teach.  Your presentation must be clear and easy to understand.

Research Paper- (2 pages typed, double space, 1 –inch margin, Font no larger than 12. Print only- No cursive or fancy fonts).Must include a Title Page, body and Bibliography with at least 5 sources. Sources may be textbooks, books, magazines, poster or the internet. When listing the internet as a source, you MUST list to complete address as it appears in the web address box example: not just or Your paper must include Causes/Background information, Symptoms, Treatments/Preventions, an Interesting Fact and New technologies (within the last 5 years) that relate to your disease.


PAPER MUST BE ALL IN YOUR OWN WORDS, YOU CANNOT COPY AND PASTE INFORMATION AND PRESENT IT AS YOUR OWN, THIS IS ILLEGAL AND CALLED PLAGERISM. If you need to use some information, make sure you cite it correctly in your paper and bibliography.

Poster- Use a regular flat poster board DO NOT USE A TRI-FOLDER SCIENCE FAIR BOARD.  Your board must include titles of each section and each section must be typed (See example) Titles: Causes/Background information, Symptoms, Treatments/Preventions, an Interesting Fact and a picture that relates to your disease.



Example of Poster Board

Each of the titles should include information in bullet form, with at least 5 bullets. The font for the Titles should be large enough to easily view in class (About 72 Font) and the bulleted information under each title should be approx. 22-26 font.





Science Fair Project

You will recieve a grade for each component of your project for a total of six (6) grades. Students must work alone.

Please refer for you Science Fair Handouts and the web link below for additional information

Science Fair Project Timeline

 Title of Assignment                                                                            Deadline 

Choose Topic (Title, hypothesis & Problem)                                            Sept. 27-30 10-15

Sources each with summarization on Note cards                            Sept. 30- Sep. Oct. 5th

 Experimental Design (Variable, materials & Procedures)                         Oct. 5th-6th Collect

 Data/ Analysis                                                                           Oct. 6th- Nov. 8th 

Project due Date (Presentation)                                                             Nov.15th-16th 

In school judging                                                                                    Nov. 19th 

Tips: Choose three topics that you are interested inStudy the available informationState the purpose of your projectDevelop your hypothesisPlan your project experimentAnalyze your dataReach and state your conclusionPrepare your final report 

  1. Title page
  2. Abstract
  3. Project Introduction
  4. Details of the Experiment
  5. Description of Results
  6. Assessment and conclusion
  7. Research Bibliography
  8. Acknowledgements

 Important:Website for forms: Click “Home” then click “High School Science” then Click “Competitions” Follow odd/even schedule closet to due date givenSubmit pictures of work in progress with identification (Student name, project title and date)Teacher will keep all photographsNo face on Photographs allowedKeep duplicate copies of photographs to be displayed on projectScience Fair will be worked on only at home with the consultation as needed from teacher Student Signature______________________________        Date____________ Parent Signature_______________________________        Date_____________*See Science Fair plan Handout