Biology I Honors- Syllabus

M.A.S.T. High School @ Homestead 

Instructor: Ms. O. Ajileye

Room: 702



Course Website: 


The Following topics will be covered in this course throughout the four nine weeks. The schedule is tentative and flexible, and in the event of unforeseen circumstances the instructor will try to adhere to the syllabus as much as possible and make any necessary adjustments.

First Nine Weeks

Introduction to Biology/Nature of Life                                  Ecosystems & Energy Flow

The Building Blocks of Life                                                    Biomes & Succession in an Ecosystem

Biochemical Cycles                                                                Cell Structure and Function

Population Ecology          


Second Nine Weeks

Photosynthesis                                                                         Meiosis

Cellular Respiration                                                                  Heredity-Mendelian Genetics

Cell Cycle and Mitosis                                                              Genetic Diseases and Human Genetics


Third Nine Weeks

DNA. Replication & Transcription                                         Theory of Evolution

Evidence of the Theory of Evolution & Taxonomy                RNA and Protein Synthesis

Genetic Engineering


Fourth Nine Weeks

Prokaryotes & Viruses, Protists & Fungi

Study of Animal Diversity & Adaptations of the Invertebrate Phylum

Study of Animal Diversity & Adaptation of the Chordate Phylum

Human Body Systems

Survey of Plant Diversity