Summer Assignment (Incoming Students)

Welcome to Biology I Honors

Go to the following website:

Complete the following Self check quizes on your own, without any assistance from books, the internet or another person. This will act as a preview to Biology and a Pre-Test to see how much you already know about the subject of Biology.

Click on: "Unit 1- What is Biology"

You will find the following quizes to complete:

                                      Section 1.1: What is biology?
                                     Section 1.2: The Methods of Biology
                                     Section 1.3: The Nature of Biology

Print the reults for each of the self quizzes and bring them in the first day of school.

Please note: You will only be allowed to take each quiz once. ***PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ME YOUR RESULTS, Althought that is an option on the email will be floaded*** Thanks and have a great summer!