Chapter 1 Lecture Notes

Chapter 1
The Science of Biology.

Page 4- Define Vocabulary Words

  • Science
  • Observation
  • Inference
  • Hypothesis
  • Controlled experiment
  • Independent variable
  • Dependant variable
  • Control group
  • Data

Chapter 1-1 What is Science?


Biology, like any other science is ever-changing. Scientist continually come up with new ideas, and theories.
Biology is the study of life or the study of living things.
Scientific ideas are open to testing, discussion and revision.


Science as a way of thinking
Science: is an organized way of gathering and analyzing evidence about the natural world.
Science refers to the body of knowledge that scientific study have gathered over the years.
Scientists collect and organize data looking for patterns or trends.
Lastly, scientist propose explanations that are based on evidence not belief.
The Goals of Science
One goal of science is to provide natural explanations for events in the natural world.
Science also aims to use those explanations to understand patterns in nature and to make useful predictions about natural events.
Science, Change, and Uncertainty
Read passage on Page 5
Scientific Methodology:
 The Heart of Science
Scientific methodology involves observing and asking questions, making inferences and forming hypotheses, conducting controlled experiments, colleting and analyzing data and drawing conclusions.
 Collecting & Analyzing Data
Quantitative Data: Are numbers obtained by counting or measuring.
Qualitative Data: Are descriptive and involve characteristics that cannot usually be counted.
Complete C. 1-1 Assessment
You may answer on the same paper as your notes.
Answer all questions in a complete sentence.
We will go over the answers together in class.