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Unit Plans

Ms. O’s 3 Week Unit Plan:  Ancient Greece
Week One: Culture & Civilization
Day 1: Introduction to Ancient Greece. Students are provided with basic timeline
     of Ancient Greece and information on the culture of Athens & Sparta.
     Students create a Venn Diagram comparing and contrasting the two
Day2: Vocabulary of Ancient Greece introduced. Student’s fill out a graphic
     organizer on common Greek Vocabulary, including common “Root
Day 3: Vocabulary of Newspaper writing introduced. Students explore the pieces
     of a newspaper (ex: editorials, comics, advertisements) and generate a
     list of seven different types of writing found in newspapers.
Day 4: Mini-Project Assigned. Students working in assigned groups of 3-4 create 4 piece mini-newspaper including 2 larger articles such as a feature article and editorial and two fun articles such as horoscopes and comics. Each piece will be used as a creative research format for exploring important events of Ancient Greece. Website sources, rubrics, and brainstorming graphic organizers are handed out for students to begin compiling information.
     Suggested Homework: Student’s continue their research from home.
Day 5: Quick review of vocabulary terms to start class. Remainder of the period is student research/work day. Using the Media lab and provided website resources students compile further data and create their newspaper articles on Ancient Greece.
    Homework: if not finished complete newspaper articles by class time on Monday.
Week Two: Arts & Sciences
Day 1: Introduction to Ancient Greek Theatre, students are provided with a brief overview of what theatre was like in Ancient Greece including important key terms and vocabulary.
 Day 2: Discuss the celebration of Dionysus, important theatre figures including Sophocles & Thespius.
    Homework: read the handout of King Midas the play
Day 3: In class discussion King Midas and students act out  2 or 3 key scenes. Compare and contrast differences between comedy & tragedy.
 Day 4: Exploration of the function of Masks in Greek theatre, symbolism and emotional expression used.  Students create their own mask to represent a character from King Midas with a key quote from that character written on the inside of the mask.
Day 5: Dionysus Celebration! Students will work in groups to create a short “play” including there mask as a prop and explaining if their play is a comedy or a tragedy and why.
Week Three: Mythology
Day 1: Quick Review of Vocabulary learned in previous sections. Introduction to Greek  Mythology, by reading Pandora’s Box out loud to the class with props.  Background information and characteristics of Greek myths are discussed.
Day 2: Themes of Mythology further discussed covering creation, explanations of the world, and Heroism. Featured gods and goddesses introduced.
    Homework: Students, given appropriate website and research tools pick one god,  goddess, or hero to research and fill out the provided “Profile” worksheet (God of what etc).
Day 3: Students enter class to see a HUGE poster tacked up in the shape of a mountain (Mount Olympus) students take turns standing in front of the class and presenting one interesting aspect from their Greed god/goddess/or hero profile then write it on the mountain. ?The final assessment is assigned. Students are to write a creative work about their god/goddess/hero in either newspaper feature article, play script, or myth format including at least 10 key terms/vocabulary within their piece adhering to the provided rubric.
Day 4: Final assessment Q&A / work day.
    homework: finish final unit assessment
Day 5: Turn in final unit assessment. OLYMPICS DAY with joint classes!!!!
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