Our Classroom Website


This website will be a great tool for you to see what we do in our STEM program for grades 5-8, here at Oliver Street Elementary School! Each page is intended for each specific grade level. On each page you will find the information that I cover in the STEM program such as projects and activities!

About Me

I have loved to teach since I was 5 years old. By being able to share knowledge with others gives me great satisfaction to know that I am not alone in learning. I love to travel, paint, draw, play music as well as play soccer in my free time. My passions for science will soon seep its way into my students as my enthusiastic approaches to teaching fills the atmosphere of the classroom.

“ Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions.

Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.
                - Mark Twain


My Philosophy

        I believe that I am the facilitator for my students. Rather than being the lecturer announcing information, I am asking the students questions and allowing them to come up with the answers on their own. This promotes critical thinking skills and allows them to build on prior knowledge. By involving my students in hands-on activities and projects, students will be able to connect to the content being taught faster and easier. By using constructivist techniques, students will be leading the class towards the ultimate objectives. I want my students to feel comfortable in my classroom and be not afraid to ask questions. When I was a student, I never raised my hand because I was always intimidated by the teacher. I will always promote a positive relationship between everyone that walks in my classroom. The main goal in my classroom is to make sure the students are having fun, engaged and are learning.

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