Current Class Projects

Biography Report Outline



I.               Paragraph 1 - Introduction:

1.      Who are you writing about?



2.     What was the main thing they did that made them famous?



 II.             Paragraph 2 - Personal Information and TIMELINE OF PERSON’S LIFE

  1. Birth date and birthplace

  1. Family life

  1. Education

  1. Occupation(s)

  1. Death date and location    

III. Paragraph 3 - Accomplishments

  1. What did the person accomplish that makes him/her memorable?
  1. What contribution did they make to society?

IV. Paragraph 4 - Qualities that made the person interesting

  1. What are some qualities that made the person worth reading about?

V.  Paragraph 5 – Conclusion

  1. What have you learned by conducting a research report on a famous woman?