University of Toronto: Glossary of Literary Theory

Specifics on the Psychoanalytic (Freudian) Approach:

  • Critical Approaches: A Definition of Psychoanalytic Criticism -
  • Critical Approaches to Literature (Psychological Approach) -
  • Overview -

    Step 4: Each small group will create a 5-6 slide PowerPoint presentation to explain your group's assigned literary theory.

    Your group's PowerPoint presentation should contain the following:

    • A title slide to introduce your group's assigned literary theory and the names of your group members
    • A brief definition for your theory
    • Basic background information regarding your theory, such as: what does your theory focus on, why would someone be most likely use your approach, what questions does your approach address.
    • Pros: Why would someone use your assigned approach?
    • Cons: What are disadvantages to your approach?
    • Apply your approach to our reading of "The Initiation." Write a brief commentary on what you have read from the perspective of your group's theory. Be sure to use textual evidence to support your commentary.

    After you have completed your PowerPoint presentation, you will print out your PowerPoint as a 6-slide, 1-page handout and turn it in to Ms. Radcliff who will make enough copies of it for the class. Your group will want to practice how your group will present your slideshow to the class.


    Step 5: Present your PowerPoint show to the class.

    Each group will present their PowerPoint show to the class on Friday, August 21, 2009. Additionally, Ms. Radcliff will make copies of each groups presentation. The copies will become your class notes on literary criticism and should be kept in your English binder.