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Please make sure your child is studying each night in order to be prepared for quizzes and tests. Thank you!


WE are spending time together learning science this year.  In the event your child ever mentions the 'B' word (BORED), remind him/her that Science can always be studied.  VOCABULARY/CONCEPTS/ON LINE TUTORIALS thru Science Fusion, even create an investigation at home!  Take pictures and send them to us.

How do I access my Science Book online?

  • Log into My SCS through the Sarasota County Schools website.
  • Click on the "Think Central and Go Math" tile.
  • Click on "Resources".
  • Choose "Science" and "Grade 5" on the drop down menus at the top of Resources.
  • Click on "Science Fusion- Student Access Grade 5"
Get 2 Months for $5!