Student Page

Hello my wonderful students. I want to thank you for taking the time to view the page made just for you. Please take the time to look over the homework assignments if you are confused.If for some reason you forget to write down what you have to do in your handy dandy agenda just look it up. Enjoy this page because it really is informative and makes you life much easier.




Math: Look over the practice pages we reviewed in class. Practice on ways of using math in everyday life. (You can ask Parents or Guardians for help.) Look over the flash cards we made in class.

Reading: Re-Read The Case of the Christmas Snowman.You also must make/draw a snow man that looks or resembles you in some way. Remember that it does not have to look exatly like you but we will be doing a game to try to guess who each snowman represents. 

Writing: Write a paragraph that describes how you felt after reading The Case of the Christmas Snowman.Please know that I will choose 2-3 people to read theres allowed. So lets make your paragraph entertaining. :) 

Art: No homework because of the project that we did in class. Great job by the way my little artists.

Spelling: Study, Study, Study those spelling words. Lets all shoot for A+'s ! Pizza Party in the future ????

Science: Science experiminet will be on Wednesday. Look over the science lab dress code. No flip flops ! We don't want your little piggies to get hurt. 

 Show and Tell: This Tuesday. Due to Christmas being around the corner and our theme for science is ice, I want you to bring something that gives us a little background on how you celebrate Christmas. 

Around the World: No Homework ! :)  

Music: Christmas worship music is our focus. Get prepared to learn ! Other than that no homework in this subject.