Calender of Activities

For the month of December we are going to focus on Christmas ! This is my favorite holiday and I am very excited to celebrate this wonderful season with all of my students. If you have any comments, suggestions or questions about event I hope to recieve an email from you. Every week I will update our weekly events. I will also have a sneak peak that will inform you of some future events. Please understand that with education we have to be flexible but I will try to post things ahead of time. 


 Dress up in Christmas colors.We will be playing several games that have to do with colors. I hope that you all come prepared to express your Christmas spirit. 



Show and Tell ! Look at your assignments to check what the theme for this week is. Be creative !



Secret visitor today. Our visitor will be leading us in crafts. Please attend class with clothes that you do not mind getting dirty.



Field Trip! All permission slips are due on Monday. Chaperones are still needed and if your parents are intersted they need to complete the application. We will be attending the Children's Museum. Come with a packed lunch. The Scavenger Hunt will be lots of fun so do not miss out ! :)


Christmas Celebration ! In the weekly newsletter it states what student will bring what. Please refer to that if you have any questions. Can not wait for this celebration.